Oh, Canada! Two Men Fired After Using The Word "Eskimo" In Private Conversation


Le totalitarisme antiraciste et politiquement correct devient plus qu'inquiétant

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

Two Canadian men were fired from their jobs after one of them used the word ‘Eskimo’ in a private conversation.

The two men were boarding a flight from Labrador to Newfoundland when Dave Beck said the word “Eskimo.”

His friend Thomas Scott responded by asking, “Can you smell him?”

The conversation was overheard by by Innu Nation member and former Labrador MP Peter Penashue and other passengers.

Beck and Scott, who worked primarily as plasterers and painters, had been working on a hotel renovation project overseen by Kankote Enterprises.

“In spite of several years on the job, and being the only two Kankote employees at the remote Churchill falls, both men were fired and had their names dragged through mud – reducing future job prospects,” reports National File.

Beck pleaded for forgiveness in an extremely pathetic manner.

“I know that’s no excuse for the remarks I made, my words that hurt so many people, especially Indigenous people. I’m not a racist. I would say culturally uneducated. Culturally illiterate,” he told CBC.

Perhaps if the two had just blacked up like their Prime Minister instead of using a naughty word, they wouldn’t have got into so much trouble.

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