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A place de résistance for newcomers

Quebec needs the labour of immigrants, but is slow to fully integrate them

Parizeau is at it again

Being part of the larger Canadian economic space is a huge advantage for Quebecers. Younger voters who weren't around in 1995, much less 1980, need to know it.

Grow up Canada: keep the monarchy

Why fix something that isn't broken? Rejecting royalty would spark a round of constitutional politics that Canada can ill afford right now

Canada's royal link has rusted out

Visit by Charles brings obsolete connection back into political focus

Best answer to the Quebec question? A majority

Things will change only when someone is able to win a majority without substantial Quebec support.

Quebec, 1759: Who's missing from the script?

Most accounts of what happened on the Plains of Abraham leave out half the story

A battle to remember

Quebec's profitable game

Canada's friend in Paris

Sarkozy sees it. And to his credit, he's not afraid to talk it up.

Liberals' accidental leader quickly running out of time

Lack of popularity in Quebec offers insight into Dion's inability to connect with Canadians

Behind welcoming smiles anger is mounting in China

A few key countries and Western media bear brunt of criticism over `biased' coverage

Castonguay's prescription

Support for user fees and privatization will resonate beyond Quebec's borders

Big test for Charest's survival skills

Premier under pressure on issues ranging from bricks and mortar to multiculturalism

Quebec's politics of fear